Amulya Cocobite (25 g x 100 Pkt. in each CB)

Product Code : ACB25


Amulya Coco Bite Crunchy n Munchy Coconut Flavoured Biscuits, Very Tasty and Crunchiest textured Biscuits, Good Shape and Colour. Delicious Biscuits for a family.Our Amulya Coco Bite also available in different packing Sizes like 12g, 25g, 35g, 50g, 60g, 120g and 1 Kg Packings.

Packing : Coconut Biscuits arranged Colourful wrapper as single pack. Each pack weighs 25 Grams. Such  100 Packets arranged in a carton Box. and the loadability in 40 HC is 8300 cartons. 

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